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Baseus USB LED Desk Lamp E-Reading Screen Light Hanging Computer Dimmable Strip

Baseus USB LED Desk Lamp E-Reading Screen Light Hanging Computer Dimmable Strip

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Baseus USB LED Desk Lamp E-Reading Screen Light Hanging Computer Dimmable Strip

1. Focus on desktop lighting

The area clearly illuminates the files in front of the display-according to the needs of the desktop flashlight, a unique gravity rotation axis structure design is adopted, so that the light from the flash can be concentrated on the desktop area, and the keyboard and files in front of the display can be evenly illuminated .

2. Eye protection light source, higher efficiency during work

Stay up late and work overtime. Enjoy clear flash and improve work efficiency.

3. When the lights and power are off, it will never affect the roommate’s sleep

You haven’t finished your homework yet? It is best not to disturb others when the lights are turned on.

4. Enjoy more games and entertainment with better light

Play connected online chat/play on your phone, just enjoy more without groping in the dark, and without hurting your eyes.

5. Simple, lightweight, beautiful and generous

The lines are simple and smooth, made of lightweight, luxurious aluminum alloy material, beautiful, textured and do not occupy any desktop space.

6. The design of USB power adapter

Supplied with C-type charging cable. It can be directly illuminated by connecting it to the computer.

7. Fixed within 1 second, saving more space without the base

The gravity rotating shaft fixing device is used to adjust the thickness of the gravity base to a proper angle to directly hang on the display, thereby achieving fixation within one second.

8. The brightness required for stepless dimming applications

The brightness can be adjusted freely by rotating the knob to meet the brightness needs of different environments and people.

9. One key switch three color temperature

Three lighting modes: white light, warm light and mixed light. The color temperature range is 2900K-5000K, one-key adjustment, convenient for eye protection.

10. Even top glasses are not better than good lights

The internally developed lighting equipment needed for screen work does not have the risk of blue light, stroboscopic visual effects and eye protection. With just one touch, you can solve the screen lighting problem and meet the lighting needs of different scenes.

11. Authorized certification anti-blue light, no flicker

The existing mainstream international certification protects your eyes with a healthy light source.



Product: Baseus i-wok series USB stepless dimming screen handheld lamp (combat)

Material: Aluminum + PC + ABS
Adjustable colors: white light, warm white light, mixed light
Features: 3 lighting modes, stepless dimming by rotating control, no blue light risk
Color temperature: 2900K-4000K-5500K
Product size: 464 * 100 * 38mm

Type: PC laptop screen bar hanging lamp, used for office study reading lamp

Accessories: USB cable x1 manual x1
Product weight: about 500 grams



1. Is it possible to use a mobile phone charger or mobile power adapter to power the screen light?

You can use the 5 V charger and mobile power adapter for the screen light.


2. Is this screen light suitable for curved screens?

The thickness of the applicable screen is (5mm to 40mm), and the curved screen is also applicable.


3. Can the screen light be directly connected to the computer?

It can be directly connected to the USB output of the computer.


4. How about the performance of this screen light?

The maximum power is 5W.


5. Why doesn't the bulb turn on after installing the bulb?

Verify that the bulb is installed correctly (the computer is powered and the USB power cord connector is loose).


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