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JISULIFE Portable Hand Fan 100 Wind Speeds Mini Bladeless Handheld Fan USB Rechargeable Personal Fans, Electric Eyelash Fan

JISULIFE Portable Hand Fan 100 Wind Speeds Mini Bladeless Handheld Fan USB Rechargeable Personal Fans, Electric Eyelash Fan

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JISULIFE Portable Handheld Fan,Speed (1-100) Adjustable Turbo Mini Fan, Rechargeable Personal Fan with Metal Body,Digital Display,for Women Men Travel/Camping/Outdoor

About this item

  • 【Brushless Motor - Super Power】The combination of a three-phase brushless motor and significantly improves the wind speed, power, and endurance. The maximum wind speed can reach 9m/s. The highest rotation speed of the handheld fan is three times that of a regular personal fan, reaching up to 15000 RPM.

  • 【Scroll Switch - Customizable Wind Speed】This small fan adopts a scroll switch design, and the wind speed can be adjusted steplessly. The portable fan can customize speeds from 1 to 100, meeting your various wind power needs in any scene.

  • 【Technology Design - Cold Wind Delivery】 The personal fan utilizes a turbine structure with a powerful motor to quickly compress and cool down the hot air that is sucked in, turning it into the cold air that blows out. This can quickly cool you down in hot weather. The body of this torbo fan is made with advanced oxidation technology, giving it a metal-like texture. Its smooth cylindrical design provides a comfortable and cool feeling.

  • 【Digital Display - Power Reminder】 The FA53 travel fan is equipped with a high-definition digital display screen, which can show the current wind speed and remaining battery power, so you no longer need to worry about the remaining power of the fan. When the battery of this mini fan is low, you can arrange for charging in advance, ensuring a cool companion on every trip.

  • 【Multiple Charging Methods - Fast Charging】This USB rechargeable fan supports an 18W fast charging plug, which can be fully charged in just 1.5-2 hours and provides up to 18.5 hours of cooling time when fully charged. In addition to the included USB Type-C (3.28ft) cable, this battery operated fan also comes with an extra USB Type-A (16.40ft) cable, allowing you to charge it with a regular USB socket, laptop, power bank, or car charger.

  • 【Small Size-Portable Anti-Lost】The size of this portable mini fan is only 6.14*2.38*2.28 inch 0.56lb, you can put it in your pocket or bag, and it is also equipped with an anti-lost lanyard, so no matter where you go, this handheld fan can keep you cooling, it is your cooling companion for traveling and outdoor sports.


Why is the wind from the JISULIFE FA53 handheld fan cooler?

When you hear the buzzing sound, you will immediately be hit by a cold wind! That's right! It's the FA53 high-speed turbo fan providing you with powerful cooling. This handheld fan relies on the airflow being sucked in from the side of the fan when it is running, and then the fan blades blow the air in the direction specified by the internal duct. Along with the super strong power of the three-phase brushless motor, it forms a high-speed airflow that can quickly remove heat. Then, the high-speed airflow passes through the concave design of the outlet to become a uniform and cold wind blowing out.


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