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New Xiaomi watch H1 ECG blood pressure heart rate pressure detection support Bluetooth call 1.43" AMOLED screnn

New Xiaomi watch H1 ECG blood pressure heart rate pressure detection support Bluetooth call 1.43" AMOLED screnn

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Original Xiaomi watch H1 ECG blood pressure heart rate pressure detection support Bluetooth call 1.43" AMOLED screnn

XIAOMI watch H1 carries one-button blood pressure measurement with you, supports 30s rapid collection of ECG activity, and observes heart HEALTH at any time.

Portable blood pressure management Care for every moment

Classic watch design Lightweight and portable, comfortable to wear

1.43"AMOLED screen, important information can be seen by raising your hand.The streamlined aluminum alloy body, with a stainless steel bezel and a delicate textured crown, highlights the elegant quality.
Integrated airbag wristband, which can flexibly adjust the wrist circumference, and at the same time adopts high-elastic airbag material to comfortably fit the wrist

Accurate blood pressure measurement Keep abreast of blood pressure

Using the measurement principle of "oscilloscope method", through the precision hardware design of micro-air pumps, elastic airbags and high-precision sensors,
Realize accurate blood pressure measurement function on portable smart watches.

High-precision pressure measuring components
The pressure accuracy is within ±3mmHg

Timed measurement reminder Track blood pressure changes

You can set a blood pressure measurement reminder in the Xiaomi Sports Health App and press normal
The measurement time and the measurement time are given for the population, the mild-risk population and the severe-risk population.
The frequency is recommended, and the measurement scheme can also be customized according to the requirements.Long time
Use it to scientifically observe blood pressure trends.

Visualize cycle data Blood pressure fluctuations at a glance

The Xiaomi Sports Health App can view the measurement data, and the graphical data is more
It is convenient to observe the periodic changes in blood pressure and help to understand one's own blood pressure
Regularity and fluctuations, so as to adjust living habits.

ECG collection Record ECG activity at any time

A signal processing algorithm designed for the characteristics of the ECG signal of the watch to extract the effective ECG signal,
Remove a variety of noise interference and achieve accurate ECG acquisition.After the collection is complete, the user can pass
View the complete ECG in the Xiaomi Sports Health App.

24-hour tracking and monitoring Find abnormalities and remind in time

Support all-day heart rate monitoring, high and low heart rate reminders, and more intimate heart health protection functions.

Blood oxygen saturation monitoring throughout the day

Support setting the blood oxygen threshold. When it is below a certain value for a certain period of time, the watch will give you an early warning to take care of your blood oxygen health.

More health dimension management

Scientific sleep monitoring
Support to view a week's sleep status

All-day pressure monitoring
Support active reminder to relax when stress is too high

Breathing training
Provide breathing relaxation guidance to relieve high pressure

Skin temperature measurement
Check wrist temperature at any time

Women's Health
Track mobile phone menstrual cycle records and prediction information

Family health data sharing

After inviting relatives and friends in the Xiaomi Sports Health App, you can check each other's blood pressure、
Health data such as heart rate, sleep, exercise, etc., even if you are not around,
You can also keep abreast of each other's health.

Fall detection

Highly sensitive 6-axis inertial sensor recognition
Automatically initiate an emergency call for help

Manage health
Start with managing lifestyle

More than 100 sports modes
Find a healthy rhythm that suits you

Support Bluetooth calls

Built-in microphone and speaker, connect to mobile phone via Bluetooth,
The watch can answer calls when calling, which is simple and convenient.

Strong battery life

NFC smart switch
NFC supports bus cards, subway cards, access cards, etc.,
And can set the smart switching time, making swiping easier*.

dustproof and waterproof

Xiaoai classmate
Voice assistant

More application support


Blood pressure measurement reminders can be set in the Xiaomi Sports Health App, providing measurement time and frequency recommendations for normal, mild risk, and severe risk populations. Measurement plans can also be customized according to requirements
The Xiaomi Sports Health App can view measurement data, and the graphical data is more convenient to observe the periodic trend of blood pressure changes, helping to understand the patterns and fluctuations of one's own blood pressure, and thus adjusting l
Operation guidance, quick to get started, and voice broadcasting for elder friendly use..Family members can receive notifications and reminders remotely when heart rate and blood oxygen data are abnormal
Fall detection, highly sensitive 6-axis inertial sensor recognition, automatic emergency call for help
If there is no response after the fall alarm, the emergency contact person will be automatically called. If unable to connect, continue to call 120, and the medical emergency card will be automatically displayed to improve rescue efficiency. Independent GN xiaomi watch h1


  • Band width[mm]
  • Voice assistant built-in
    Bluetooth-compatible Version
  • Wi-fi
    Metrics measured
    Heart Rate Monitor,Blood Oxygen Monitor,Sleep Monitor,Blood Pressure Monitor,Body Temperature Monitor,Stress Monitor
  • Activity Tracked
    Steps Tracker,Activity Tracker
    Touch Screen
  • Category
    Smart Watches
    Screen Material
  • Band Detachable
    APP Download Available
  • Resolution
    Display Size
  • Application Age Group
    Screen Shape
  • Case Material
    Band Material
  • Waterproof Grade
    Life Waterproof
    SIM Card Available
  • Mechanism
    Multiple Dials
  • GPS
    Network Mode
  • Battery Capacity
    Rear Camera
  • RAM
  • System
    Android Wear
    On Wrist
  • Compatibility
    All Compatible
  • Function
    Passometer,fitness tracker,sleep tracker,Message Reminder,Call Reminder,Answer Call,Dial Call,Push Message,Heart Rate Tracker
    Brand Name
  • XiaoMi Model
    Mainland China
  • Certification


It provides exclusive shortcut keys for quick blood pressure measurement, double-click to start blood pressure measurement, and users can customize the function according to their needs.

When encountering an emergency safety issue, you can quickly contact your family with one key and three links. If you encounter an unexpected risk or feel suddenly unwell, you can find a mobile phone too late. You can use your watch to quickly dial the emergency contact number or 120.

In addition, this watch supports fall detection. Through a 6-axis inertial sensor and a fall detection algorithm, the user can automatically make an emergency call if he falls unexpectedly, and strive for the first rescue time in the event of an accident.

At the same time, it is also a smart watch, equipped with a 1.43-inch AMOLED screen, an aluminum alloy integrated body, built-in Xiaoai classmates, support NFC swipe card, Bluetooth call, 100+sports mode, IP68 dustproof and waterproof, and has a strong battery life of up to 9 days.

Note: This is the Chinese version currently only supports English

Shell material: aluminium alloy
Main body size: 52.8 x 47.7 x 12.8mm
Net weight of main body: about 48.5g (without strap)

Wristband material: Viton
Applicable wrist circumference.
M size band 130~160 mm
L size band 161~200 mm
L size strap: long strap approx. 134 mm, short strap approx. 88 mm (buckle not included).
Suitable for wrist circumference 161-200 mm
Size M: long strap approx. 119 mm, short strap approx. 88 mm (buckle not included).
Suitable for wrist circumference 130-160 mm

Strap width: 28 mm
Water Resistance:IP68
Screen size and type: 1.43 inches, AMOLED screen
Screen resolution: 466 * 466, PPI 326

Battery Capacity:500 mAh
Battery type :Lithium ion polymer battery

Operating environment (temperature): +5 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃
Charging connector type : Contact Magnetic
Theoretical charging time: about 70 minutes
Battery life: 9 days in typical mode, 5 days in AOD mode

Sensors: Acceleration Sensor|Gyroscope|Optical Heart Rate and Blood Oxygen Sensor|Electrocardiogram Acquisition Sensor|Differential Pressure Sensor|Temperature Sensor|Geomagnetic Sensor|Hall Sensor|Ambient Light Sensor

Air Pump:Piezoelectric ceramic micro air pump
Vibration Motor:Support
Bluetooth call:Support

System Language:Simplified Chinese, English
Support System:Android 6.0 or iOS 12.0 and above
Data Connection: Support GNSS, NFC, Bluetooth 5.2


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