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HUAWEI Freego Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Stereo Home Theater

HUAWEI Freego Portable Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Stereo Home Theater

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Original HUAWEI freego Portable Speaker Bluetooth Speaker Wireless Loudspeaker Sound System 10W stereo Music surround CM530

Pay homage to classic, unparalleled sound quality

Vinyl record is classic and elegant, which is the symbol of quality music. Huawei FreeGo's design inspiration comes from gramophone,
obsidian black and bright moon silver, combination of versatile color matching and precision technology, retro inspiration and technology collision.
Gently turn the knob, the sound on the fingertip rotation, with the years and time flow.

Small and portable, small body, big energy

It is only 120mm * 31mm, easy to store and carry. Whether you're using it at home or on a business trip, or having a multi person meeting in the office,
 Huawei FreeGo can bring you a better music experience anytime, anywhere

The details of frequency division dual unit are clear and audible

Unique frequency division design, two units are made of high-end rare earth materials, small volume can also burst out extraordinary sound waves.

Beautiful voice makes you intoxicated

With professional tuning, DRC dynamic compression algorithm and voice EQ adjustment, Huawei FreeGo can give you a good sound experience
whether listening to books, listening to songs or watching movies.

Quick pairing, one touch transmission

Support NFC touch to realize Bluetooth fast pairing, easy and convenient connection. Whether it's making a phone call,
listening to music or watching a movie, a good voice will come out immediately when the phone touches the speaker.

360 ° surround, clear call

360 ° omni-directional, super sound pick-up, clearly convey every wonderful moment, 3-meter pickup range, easily covering 25 square meters of indoor space.

Plug and play, no worry about battery life

Charge for 15 minutes and listen to music for 2 hours


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