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  • Original New Huawei FreeBuds 5 TWS Wireless  Earphones
  • Original New Huawei FreeBuds 5 TWS Wireless  Earphones
  • Original New Huawei FreeBuds 5 TWS Wireless  Earphones
  • Original New Huawei FreeBuds 5 TWS Wireless  Earphones
  • Original New Huawei FreeBuds 5 TWS Wireless  Earphones
  • Original New Huawei FreeBuds 5 TWS Wireless  Earphones
  • Original New Huawei FreeBuds 5 TWS Wireless  Earphones
  • Original New Huawei FreeBuds 5 TWS Wireless  Earphones

Original New Huawei FreeBuds 5 TWS Wireless Earphones

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New Huawei FreeBuds 5 TWS Earphones Wireless Headphones ANC L2HC Hi-Res High-Res Sound LDAC Quality Earbuds

100% Brand New and Genuine


*Product Version:CN Version (Earphone it is Same as Global Version,Support Worldwide Use,Chinese On Packing Only!)

Beauty is not defined

Innovative full curved streamline design annotates the fashionable technologicalaesthetics. The combination of flexible curves and bright curved surfaces flows intothe ear like a graceful melody, vividly blending form and meaning, and radiatinga new aesthetic "sound"

Comfortable to wear

After tens of thousands of ergonomicsimulation tests, earphones can betterfit the contour of the ear; Combinationof semi in ear ventilation for breathability
and breathability


Open and close elegantly

The rounded and compact charging case combines a premium matte texturewith a delicate and comfortable touch. The headphones are displayed like jewelsin a box, easy to access, and full of ritual between opening and closing.

Sound quality level, better


Surging hearing, moving people

Dual magnetic circuit architecture
Super magnetic induction, lowfrequency sensitivity increased by 30%compared with the previous generationlow frequency dive to 16 Hz, mellowand low, surging and powerful.


Ultra-wideband real-time hearing optimization Good voice, always beautiful

Ultra-wideband real-time hearing optimization blessing, can optimizesound effect in real time for a frequency range of 100 Hz-2 kHz, witha wider high-frequency coverage, improve the difference in hearingcaused by the shape of the ear canal, wearing state, and volume, andcreate a delicate and consistent sound.

Dual high definition audio authenticationOriginal sound, playing in my ears

Support L2HC and LDACmm dual HD audiodecoding, transmission bitrate up to 990kbps, support lossless transmission of 96kHz / 24 bit audio, restore rich sounddetails.


Live at the scene

Huawei's first semi-in-ear headphones that support Audio Vivid Spatial Audio 9 can listento Audio Vivid content and render the three-dimensional spatial sound field in real timewith some HarmonyOs 3 devices. Support three spatial audio sound modes of sound theater.cinema, and concert hall to create an immersive listening experience.


Don't listen to the hustle and bustle.enjoy the beauty


Half-in-ear comfort noise reduction 3.0Comfortable noise reduction, quiet listening

Three-microphone hybrid noise reduction, with theear canal adaptive algorithm, can adapt to a betternoise reduction scheme according to vour earshape and headphone wearing status; Intelligentdynamic noise reduction, can quickly identifyenvironmental noise, intelligent adjustment of noisereduction mode, quiet just right, noise reductionexperience is better.


Al call noise reduction Speak easily and hear clearly

The three-microphone hybrid noise reductionfusion deep neural network algorithm (DNN)greatly reduces ambient noise and accuratelypicks up local call voices, making your voicesound clear and loud. Be in the hustle andbustle and talk clearly.


*Super fast charging, long battery life Support super fast charging, the earphoneback to the box charging for 5 minutes, youcan play music for 2 hours. The headphonesisten for 5 hours on a single full charge and 30 hours in total with the charging case.

*Precise control, one touch away,Support gesture touch, swipe or double-clickin the touch sensing area to quickly adjust thevolume or answer the phonewhich isconvenient for control.

In sweat and rain, enjoy it

IP54 rated dustproof and splash-resistant, not afraid of sweat and rain.
easy to wear,let the beautiful music always accompany.

HarmonyOS 3 Smart Audio Experience

Multi-device connection
The headset can be smoothly connectedto multiple devices such as mobile phonesand tabletsand can be connected to twodevices at the same time so there is noneed to re-pair when switching.Supportsaudio streaming between multipleHarmonvOS devices for easv switching.When the headset is connected to the PCto participate in the meeting the mobilephone suddenly calls, double-click theheadset to quickly answer.

Audio sharing.

*Support the secondary Huawelheadset to connect to Huaweimobile phone or tablet at thesame time, listen to songs, followdramas with friends.and sharehappy moments.

*Smart Broadcasting,Wear the headset, the flight, scheduleweather.health and other news on themobile phone will be broadcast in time.do not miss important information,andlet the headset become vour rightassistant in life and work.


Smart Games Low Latency

*Turn on the low-latency mode ofsmart qames,and the sound andpicture are synchronized, helpingyou to attack quickly and enjoy asmoother gaming experience.

*Huawei Smart Life App:Download Huawei Smart Life APP for more exciting and interestingfeatures.

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